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The FullMoon Healing Project is a 501 C 3 Non-Profit dedicated to the highest degree of advocating for those trauma survivors working to find their voice! 

Empowering our community with strength, energy and healing, while breaking the stigma that surrounds survivors of trauma is one of our top missions!! Providing discreet resources and assistance with clothing/food/applications and more in the most vulnerable and sensitive of times!

*5/13/23 *
We can't wait to see you there!! Stop by for some candy and laughter! 

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You won't want to miss this event!!


We will see you there!!! <3

Community Donation Day!!


Come see us 3/25 7am-2pm 

9577 Tullahoma Hwy 

Estill Springs

What's Happening?

Ongoing Event

We are so honored to be able to partner with Blended and Blessed Foster Closet to host a New Under Garment Drive for their ever growing need! This non profit is one of favs!

They truly go above and beyond for their kiddos and the families being so selfless in caring for them!! Please get with us to donate!

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"The Struggle you are in today, is the strength you are                                developing for tomorrow!"
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