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About Us

The FullMoon Healing Project is a 501 (c) (3) non profit dedicated to the highest degree of advocating for those trauma survivors needing a voice! Empowering our community with strength, energy and healing! We provide assistance in many formas, and are humble enough to know, we can't do this alone. We know it takes a village, which is why if we can't help you, we send you to who can! 

Founded by a survivor/recovering addict herself in March 2022, with what was envisioned as being just a weekly support group has quickly turned into much more! The FullMoon Healing Project strives to stay up to date, trained and trauma informed, while still guiding and being positive influences. 

Please reach out to us on the Contact Us here tab to inquire about donation drop offs, monetary donations, volunteering, assistance or any other questions/comments or concerns!

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