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Why we need YOU! 

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The FullMoon Healing Project is a 501 (c) (3) non profit


Currently we are unfunded (meaning we receive no state/federal grants) 

We receive requests daily from survivors that range from basic hygiene, to utilities, to rent, and sometimes when survivors are starting over they may request furniture to furnish their fresh start!

 Right now if we don't have these items on hand, we must ask the community to rally together and help us out, and as everyone knows times are tough! 

We are running desperately low on hygiene items and baby items! 

Each board member houses in their home a variety of "Grab Bags" that have basic hygiene, and clothing in various sizes so if an immediate need may arise we can jump into action. However we are unable to fulfill larger item requests at this time due to storage and lack of funding! 

Your donations mean we can continue to quickly meet the needs of the survivors and their families whom reach out to us! 

We have compiled a list below of just some of the examples of where your donations go:

1. Hygiene Items (Soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, etc)

2. Clothing/Shoes

3. Diapers/Wipes and baby items

4. Household items (beds/dressers/lamps)

5. School Supplies

6. Grocery Cards

7. Gas Cards

8. Specific Medical Equipment not covered by insurance

9. Training necessary for our board members to stay up to date and trained on the most current trauma informed care 

...and so much more!


When we say we can not do what we do without you, we truly mean it! 


The FullMoon Healing Project2 (2).png
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The FullMoon Healing Project

Po Box 501

Estill Springs, TN


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